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February in the Garden at Balmuirfield

There are plenty of bulbs poking their heads through in the borders as the garden gives us a hint of brighter days to come. Every time of the year is a busy time at Balmuirfield, but February gives us a wee bit more time to plan and look ahead. 

Our industrious gardener, Paul, has been carrying out all those important jobs that will make all the difference once the warmer months are upon us. The compost ‘heaps’ have been tackled and we now have a much more organised system to make the most of the recycled food and garden waste. Lots and lots of lovely, lovely compost to mulch the summer beds and give the bulbs a boost. The early snowdrops are already brightening up the area around the little pond.

The dogs have also been helping in the garden and are doing a fantastic job of scarifying the lawn. The moss is flying everywhere as the tear across the grass chasing each other, the Postman and quite often times, imaginary beasts. Once the sun puts in more of an effort we should have a lush green carpet to look at admiringly. Paul is tackling the ‘mystery’ bump that runs up the middle of the lawn. We are thinking it could have been an old path? 

The strawberry patch, that produced a wonderfully copious amount of fruit last year, is moving home. It’s going round to the back as we look to develop a dedicated fruit garden. Strawberries, one pear and one plum tree so far. Hopefully we’ll have some rasps by the summer and you’ll know where to find me if I go missing. 

Our cherry plum tree produced a  good crop last September and we are still enjoying our Homemade Plum Jam. Our guests are loving it too.

We are looking forward to creating a seating area within the box hedge circle on the west lawn, but i think that’s a story for next month.